Lead Director 

Wil Prewitt

Wil Prewitt is the Owner and Lead Director for 98 Films, a full service production company based in Nashville, Tennessee. 98 Films offers cinematic videos and photos at an affordable rate with an unbeatable turn around time. Wil has a varied portfolio, ranging from music videos to weddings and high-end commercial work. 


As a licensed FAA drone operator, Wil has over seven years of experience flying drones. First learning to operate a drone on the DJI Phantom One, Wil now most commonly flies the DJI Mavic Air. This added element of aerial footage provides a unique perspective like none other. 


Wil got his start in film by having a GoPro and sharing short edits to Vine, a once popular social media platform. After accumulating over three million views on the app, he transitioned into more serious work as he grew in experience and knowledge of the film industry. Wil holds a BA in Telecommunication and Film from the University of Alabama, as well as a minor in Computer Technology and Applications. With over five years of professional experience, Wil is a dedicated videographer and photographer who is ready to capture any creative needs you may have. 

Behind The Scenes